GUI for programmers

eDriven.Gui is a powerful GUI framework for Unity, part of eDriven RIA framework.

You could use eDriven.Gui to build a wide range of apps, from games to business applications.

The workflow is similar to Java Swing or Apache Flex.

- Built on top of eDriven.Core
- Retained mode GUI
- Display list (composite pattern)
- Component lifecycle
- Invalidation-validation mechanism
- Implements OOP concepts
- Event-driven (DOM Level 3 events)
- Event bubbling
- Signals and slots
- Skinnable
- Layout engine
- Plugin architecture
- Internal tweening engine
- Dialogs and alerts
- Firebug-like inspector
- Cursor management
- Focus management
- Tab management
- Tooltips
- Components as C# classes
- DLL component distribution

Please check out edrivenunity website for WebPlayer demos!

Free Edition

Download the Free Edition here

You can use this version for evaluation and educational purposes, and for component development as well*.

If you want to use it in any other way, you need to upgrade to the commercial version.

There’s no missing functionality, just watermarks here and there. ^^

* Component developers could easily export their components as extensions (created with both free and the full version) as Unity package, without the need of incorporating the eDriven.Gui package inside.


eDriven.Gui is built on top of eDriven core.

eDriven framework is an asynchronous, event-driven framework for Unity3d.

It's an open-source framework and you are free to explore it: eDriven GitHub repository.

Download the latest binaries here.


You could find the eDriven API here.

The documentation grows on day-to-day basis, so please forgive me for those not very well commented classes/members. :)