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Rewriting a ScrollView

“Native” UnityGUI ScrollView is kinda buggy, so I decided to write my own. I’m using a ScrollBar (less buggy :)) plus content area that serves as a host for container’s children if in scrollable mode. Although it seems easy, this

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A better style-mapping

The concept of style-mappers tends to be a bit odd for a new eDriven.Gui user. The purpose of style-mappers is to bring a level of abstraction, which is there to make the framework more decoupled and extensible, but as said

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Decorating a hierarchy view

One of the cool things with Unity is that Editor classes expose a ton of callbacks for plugging your own logic into. One of these things is the EditorApplication.hierarchyWindowItemOnGUI event (which is a publish-subscribe) way to connect your event handler

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