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eDriven.Gui 1.12 Preview video

Introducing eDriven.Gui 1.12 (new features) with a short video. Note: this version has not yet been released (the current Asset Store version is 1.11). Hoping more tutorials will follow soon (as soon as I finish the 1.12 version). Cheers!

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A better persistence mechanism

Additional debug dialog for a true component hierarchy

I found a few bugs with rearranging objects in the hierarchy (version v1.11). The reason for these bugs was primarily in the way I kept track of the container’s child order. This has originally been done by using GUIDs (unique

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Adapting the designer to a Dark skin


Very recently, one of the users drew my attention to the weird look and feel of the eDriven.Gui designer when used with Unity Pro. Indeed – it didn’t look good – so I decided to adapt the current view also

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End of Quarter Sale: 30% OFF!

eDriven.Gui 30% OFF – until June 30 Get eDriven.Gui for only $175 instead of $250!!! Due to a great success of the last 24H Sale, I decided to start the End of Quarter sale a little bit earlier, so giving

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Editor extensions top grossing – June

Due to the 24H Sale, eDriven.Gui climbed up to the 3rd place of the top-grossing list. Unity Asset Store -> Top Grossing -> Editor Extensions -> GUI

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Creating iOS and Android applications using C# and Unity


If I would be allowed to pick an IDE, a programming language and a platform I would use for the rest of my life, I would clearly pick: 1. Visual Studio 2. C# 3. Unity3d Although, for a business app

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eDriven.Gui is in the 24 hour sale (June 5)

The package is now officially in the 24 hour sale!!! It begins June 5 at 12:00 am PDT and runs through until midnight PDT (or midnight PST-midnight PST). Please Retweet!

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Making eDriven.Gui more intuitive


I’ve been simplifying the eDriven.Gui editor interface for a while now. While using a single dock-able panel, multiple floating windows are opening contextually (when adding child components or mapping event listeners). This is much more intuitive then the previous system,

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