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Lowering the price of eDriven.Gui!

New eDriven.Gui price

Big thanks Before I write more about it, let me thank all eDriven users on purchasing the package (and allowing me to spend more time with the framework). This framework means a lot to me and you guys made it

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About the skinning mechanics

The skinning I’m currently working on turned out to work really great. Skins are separate C# classes allowing creation of component parts separately from the main component logic. Developer should create a default skin as C# class and attach it

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Working on skinnable components

Vertical scrollbar display list

I made initial tests showing that Flex-like skinning concept could easily be implemented with Unity. Having skinnable components would mean a true separation of component functionality and it’s look and feel! Skinning is a great concept indeed: a skin is

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SystemManager signals and GUI classes

One of the users noticed that outside of the Editor the UpdateSlot never gets connected to UpdateSignal of SystemManager. It turned out this is by design. Here’s the line from the Gui.cs with the accompanying comment: // if in editor,

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Working on scrollable controls (TextArea, List)

Scrollable TextArea as a single-child container

Recently, I finally finished working on a scrollable container. As I wrote previously, getting rid of Unity’s native scroll view implementation was not so easy as I expected. Implementing scrolling is an additional engineering effort because it has to solve

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eDriven.Gui at Asset Store Daily Deal

Asset Store Daily Deal

The package is currently in the Asset Store Daily Deal (24 hour sale – August 6, 2013)! It runs through until midnight PDT. Please Retweet!

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About the (infamous) “processing order” bug

Processing order bug

Recently I had a chat with IMGUI authors about the processing order bug. In the image above, the big button on in the back is rendered first. Then the small button is rendered on top. However, there is a serious

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