A better style-mapping

The concept of style-mappers tends to be a bit odd for a new eDriven.Gui user.

The purpose of style-mappers is to bring a level of abstraction, which is there to make the framework more decoupled and extensible, but as said – it tends to make things more complicated.

When switching between components – style mappers – GUISkins one can easily get lost.

Because of this, I made two improvements on locating and applying style mappers:

1. You can now assign the style mapper to a component by picking the appropriate one from a drop-down list. The list is being build via the reflection (the scene is being looked upon for all the style mappers for a particular component).

This makes the switching between styles a breeze. You can – of course – do it in play mode, and the screen will update (remeasure components etc).

2. By clicking a red dot on the right of the drop-down list, the object hosting the currently selected style mapper is being selected in the hierarchy. All the style mappers belonging to this object are now being displayed in the inspector.

Unfortunately (AFAIK) there’s no possibility of expanding / collapsing individual components in the inspector – if this was possible, I would collapse all the mappers and expand the used one).

However, I believe these two features bring a great help in dealing with the component/mapper/skin triangle.



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