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Getting started with UnityVS

Quite recently I gave a (second) chance to the praised solution called UnityVS, and was literally blown away. Although I’ve tried this tool when it originally came out, back then I was having hard time making it to work with

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Implementing data controls

Lists with custom renderers

A better List control was a task that initially made me go into this long development cycle: Users complained about horizontal scrollbars being visible in the list (when really not needed).

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Switching to hardware cursors

Hardware cursors

Since I switched eDriven.Gui to Unity 4 quite recently, I finally found the time to check out the new cursor API. The API itself is pretty simple and basic: // the texture var cursorTexture: Texture2D; // cursor mode var cursorMode:

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Skinnable controls in eDriven.Gui

Scrollbar track tiled texture

In the next version of eDriven.Gui the majority of controls will be skinnable. A custom skin could be attached to the control by a single line of code. Every piece of control (display) could now be skinned. For instance, we

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About a new Stage class


I decided to make the new Stage non-scrollable by default. This decision is based on the fact that Unity is a gaming platform, so the majority of stages (eDriven layers multiple stages one on top of another) normally doesn’t have

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Upgrading the Image class

Image tiling (background), scaling and cropping

The image control is one of the most used controls when making GUIs, especially GUIs for games. Until now I didn’t give it as much attention as it deserves. During the engine rewrite, I decided to make it significantly better.

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New skinning system almost in place

New button skins

I’ve been working on a new skinning system for quite a while. You can take a peek at the result. Note that with buttons there are no limitations – such as the GUIStyle system is having – particularly the limitation

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eDriven Forum is now online

The forum Q&A thread became too huge, so I created the eDriven forum at: Please use it for asking questions! This way each answer will in the separate thread and easily searchable. The forum uses currently best forum software

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End of the Quarter Sale – September 2013

eDriven.Gui Sale - September 2013

Here is your chance! Get eDriven.Gui for only $125 instead of $200!!! The sale lasts until September 30. Note: the 50% OFFs are reserved for the Asset Store sales *exclusively* – I cannot guarantee when will they happen and will

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Lowering the price of eDriven.Gui!

New eDriven.Gui price

Big thanks Before I write more about it, let me thank all eDriven users on purchasing the package (and allowing me to spend more time with the framework). This framework means a lot to me and you guys made it

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