eDriven for All: $100 only!!! (+ 50% OFF!!!!!)

Big thanks

Before I write more about it, let me thank all eDriven users for purchasing the package (and allowing me to spend more time with the framework)!

All of you guys made this framework possible!


A new price

eDriven framework is being in the Asset Store for almost 2 years.

Now, after seven months on the Asset Store (pricing $200), I just thought this is the right time for fine-tuning the eDriven.Gui price.

This time I decided to make a huge impact, and make eDriven affordable to everyone:

I’m dropping the price to $100!

>> Asset Store Link <<

Note that the price of $100 makes it possible to purchase eDriven for only $50 during the Asset Store Madness or Daily sales (while eDriven.Gui is participating)!

But wait! There’s MORE!!!

I’m hoping that this price drop (of $100) puts eDriven.Gui within everyone’s reach. However:

Until the end of the month I’m dropping the price for further 50%: the new price is $50!!!

Isn’t that crazy!?! :)

But remember: the sale ends with 31st of March.

What next?

I’m still monitoring the development of Unity’s new Sprite system (solving the 3D and draw call count problems) and hoping I’d be able to wrap around it as soon as it’s stable.

I encourage all the future eDriven.Gui users for going asynchronous and giving the free, evaluation version a try!

Happy coding! :)


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