eDriven.Gui Free Edition Released


I’ve been receiving numerous requests from you guys, for releasing the “preview” version of eDriven.Gui.

Most of you just wanna try before buying – so, I created the free version! :)

Download Unity package here!

You can use this version for evaluation and educational purposes, and for component development as well*.

If you want to use it in any other way, you need to upgrade to the commercial version.

This version has all as the current version of eDriven.Gui in the Asset Store.

There’s no missing functionality, just watermarks here and there.

Since eDriven.Core is already free – now you have the entire framework under your hands to play with!

Happy coding, and welcome to the asynchronous world! :)

Danko Kozar


* Component developers could easily export their components as extensions (created with both free and the full version) as Unity package, without the need of incorporating the eDriven.Gui package inside – see this link.

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