Skinnable controls in eDriven.Gui

In the next version of eDriven.Gui the majority of controls will be skinnable.

A custom skin could be attached to the control by a single line of code.

Every piece of control (display) could now be skinned. For instance, we can have tiled backgrounds in scrollbars. ^^

Scrollbar track tiled texture

Scrollbar track tiled texture

Of course, these are not GUI.HorizontalScrollbar, GUI.VerticalScrollbar or alike. So no “processing order” bugs anymore :)

Actually, neither one these methods is used for rendering:

  • GUI.Label
  • GUI.Button
  • GUI.Toggle
  • GUI.HorizontalSlider
  • GUI.VerticalSlider
  • GUI.BeginScrollView
  • GUI.EndScrollView
  • GUI.HorizontalScrollbar
  • GUI.VerticalScrollbar

What I’m left with is:

I’m hoping these 4 points would be easily replaced with other renderers when moving to another rendering system (the next Unity GUI (?)).

What I’m looking for is: rendering textures, text and clipping.



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