The “touch” question

I got the question on eDriven.Gui touch support quite a few times.

The thing is that eDriven.Gui is currently being focused on PC, Mac & Web builds – which are using mouse-clicks, no touch involved (at least GUI components don’t listen to touch events).

However, I have it all prepared and the touch is one of the next steps. Take a look at the following class and the corresponding interface:

As you can see, I have the touch system in place. This system requires custom made gesture recognizers to be plugged in (which are a state-machine kind of thingies). They will then dispatch standard events as “touch” events (right from TouchEventDispatcher singleton), and would require the subscription from interested parties.

I’m planning to make a global switch in the system for components to listen:

  • Mouse
  • Touches
  • Both

So you, as a developer, would decide if your app is currently listening any of those.

News: I recently ordered Mac mini + iPad 4 and I’m waiting for them to arrive. ^^

I’m planning to make eDriven to work with iOS, using the mentioned touch system.

Cheers! ^^

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