Upgrading the Image class

The image control is one of the most used controls when making GUIs, especially GUIs for games.

Until now I didn’t give it as much attention as it deserves. During the engine rewrite, I decided to make it significantly better.

First, I’ve added the tiling option. Now you can tile the image, and you can set the from which edge the tiling starts (the anchor).

This is very useful for backgrounds. In the combination with custom skins, it’s a very useful feature.

For instance, you can tile various images one on the top of another to create your component skin (you can of course mix images with other controls).

Additionally, I’ve added various scaling/cropping modes, so the image (control) size isn’t necessarily equal to the texture size (and vice versa).

Depending of the given policy the texture will now shrink/crop with the actual image control.

Image tiling (background), scaling and cropping

Image tiling (background), scaling and cropping

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